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LISTEN | Kennedy Molloy Hear Some Stinking Stories About 'Mystery Poopers'

Plenty of great calls!

LISTEN | Kennedy Molloy Hear Some Stinking Stories About 'Mystery Poopers' CBS New York

Kennedy Molloy has leapt into the world of 'mystery poopers' - and they had some bloody good callers sharing their stories!

From pools to stores to holes on golf courses, we had some callers ring in with some literally stinking yarns.


It came after an undercover sting by fed-up school employees has seemingly solved the mystery of who exactly was pooing on their footy field every morning. 

According to local police, coaches and staff at Holmdel High School in the US had been finding human shit on the school's track and field for days.

Rocking up early on Monday morning, they allegedly caught their rival school superintendent in the act.

Thomas Tramaglini, who oversees the Kenilworth school district, reportedly jogged at Holmdel almost every morning and apparently pooed there almost as often.

The 42-year-old - on a reported annual salary of close to AUD$200,000 - now faces charges of lewdness, littering and defecating in public.

He's since been placed on a paid leave of absence.