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Louie: AFL Needs To Look Into What's Really Going On At Adelaide

"Tipping point"

Louie: AFL Needs To Look Into What's Really Going On At Adelaide Image: AAP

Dale Lewis has asked on Triple M's Rush Hour with Jars and Louie why the AFL or the AFLPA hasn't stepped in to investigate what's really been going on at Adelaide.


A report from The Age's Caroline Wilson has come out suggesting Adelaide players had a "showdown" with coach Don Pyke and senior executives over the Collective Mind camp.

It also noted a medical report from Adelaide chief medical officer Dr Marc Cesana, which neither the AFL or AFL Players Association has obtained.

"I think this is where it is asking the question - and I'm certainly asking the question now - why the AFLPA slash AFL haven't gotten themselves involved," Louie asked.

Louie said the suggestion that no investigation has been made because no complaint has been received was strange, with the amount of noise and drama around the camp.

"That's probably gotten me to my tipping point," he said.

"I'm pretty sure if you think it's in the best interests of the game, the AFL or the PA really shouldn't have to wait for a complaint, because has there not been enough noise about this whole thing right now to suggest that, for once and for all, can we get the truth?

"I think we're pretty adamant that the whole truth's not coming out of the joint and we're getting one side of it."

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