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LISTEN | Sandy Roberts On The Time He Called The Pig At Full Forward

"I just had to tell them the truth"

LISTEN | Sandy Roberts On The Time He Called The Pig At Full Forward

Broadcasting legend Sandy Roberts has been responsible for some of the more iconic moments in footy commentary history.

He is responsible for calling Billy Brownless the king of Geelong, and the ‘what more can you say?’ line about Gary Ablett, but arguably his finest moment didn’t involve a ball being kicked.

Sandy called the famous incident when a pig adorned with Tony Lockett’s number was released at the SCG in 1993 (Plugger was playing for St Kilda at the time), and his line “there’s a pig at full-forward” became iconic.

He recounted the incident and how he came to the line on the Hot Breakfast this morning.



“I just had to go with what I was thinking,” Sandy said.

“I just had to tell them the truth — there was a pig at full forward!”


Sandy — who just retired from his gig as a Fox Footy commentator — also discussed how he came to be in the industry, working with his son, how footy should be considered entertainment and his plans after his career.


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