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Mitch Robinson Has Been Picked Up By An Esports Team

To stream Fortnite

Mitch Robinson Has Been Picked Up By An Esports Team Image: Chiefs Esports

Brisbane midfielder Mitch Robinson has been picked up by the Chiefs Esports Club as a streamer.

Robinson has been recruited as a Fortnite streamer.

The club dropped the news in a YouTube video today:


Robinson said he was an old-school first-person shooting gamer and got back into it with the help of his “tech-head” brother.

“I jumped on console for a little while, I was pretty bad at it with a remote,” he said.

“I used to be a gamer, a first-person shooter gamer back in the day, and my brother’s a massive tech-head so he set up a gaming PC for me and I bought that pretty much straight away and sooner or later I got really good at it.

“So I thought why not show some skills on the Twitch and on Fortnite and it’s been pretty fun.”

There’s no word as to how Robinson’s new streaming career will affect his ability to play in Brisbane’s midfield next year.

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