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Pepper Stadium Crowd Left Baying For Blood

Penrith refuses to pint fingers.

Pepper Stadium Crowd Left Baying For Blood

Penrith have refused to point the fingers at the referees in the wake of their heartbreaking NRL loss to the Sydney Roosters despite a number of crucial calls going against them. Watch the video highlights at the bottom of the page.

The Pepper Stadium crowd were left baying for blood after the visitors snuck home 14-12 in a thriller with Roosters fullback Michael Gordon at the centre of a string of controversial decision in the final 10 minutes.

Gordon's second try in the 73rd minute proved the difference but there were massive question marks on a ball that Latrell Mitchell threw to Daniel Tupou in the lead-up.

In the previous set Gordon and Shaun Kenny-Dowall got their wires crossed and spilt a bomb which Waqa Blake cleaned up to cross but he was called back after Matt Moylan and Tyrone Peachey were deemed offside.

In a frantic final minute, Gordon pulled off a desperate try-saver on Peachey on his own goal line to save the game.

He hit the Panthers centre across the chest before bringing him down sharply, with the crowd appealing for a penalty which could have potentially sent the game into golden point.

The referees, however, let it go and Griffin also refused to take issue with it.

"How'd you see it?" he said when asked about Mitchell's pass to Tupou.

When pressed on Gordon's tackle on Peachey, he offered: "I don't know," while skipper Moylan shrugged his shoulders.

The Panthers are 1-2 however Griffin said they had plenty of cause to hold their heads high after a number of things didn't go their way.

"As a club we were very courageous tonight," Griffin said.

"We had injuries and a few things went against us, as everyone's seen, I just really enjoyed watching the game. Without being technically correct, it was just a really tough performance. We'll learn from that."

Gordon said he wasn't in a position to comment on Mitchell's pass but said: "In the grandstands they reckon every pass is forward."

He also defended his tackle on Peachey, adamant it wasn't high.

"I thought the boys were outstanding in defence and I just happened to be in the right place," he said. "I don't think the tackle was high, I know the crowd was complaining.

"But it was either tackle him there or they score and win the game.

"It was straight across the shoulder. Just cause he stepped so hard it probably looked dramatic. It was definitely not high."

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