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Tension At Titans Amid Rumours Of More Hayne Training Dramas

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Tension At Titans Amid Rumours Of More Hayne Training Dramas

Following reports that there is a bit of a rift between Titans coach Neil Henry and Jarryd Hayne, Triple M's Paul Kent has elaborated on the situation, saying that it's starting to take a toll on the entire squad. Listen to the full report below.

"Where it could become an issue with the titans is that Neil likes to coach a certain way, and that is that every man is equal and if one guy doesn't do his job then he's let down the team so the team suffers," Kenty said.

"The players are the meat in the sandwich here because you've got Neil on one side and Jarryd Hayne, who's a noted superstar, on the other.

"When Jarryd doesn't quite do what he's required to do at training, Neil says everyone is going to do extras at training and we're all going to get punished for it.

"It's starting to annoy the players because from their point of view, they see themselves doing extra work because Jarryd has caused it, and they're tired of that happening, and they're also tired of the fact that it's not changing.

"Jarryd doesn't care, so that's the issue with the players as well.

"This is where it's going to become an issue and it's going to be have to be delicately managed now by Neil Henry and by the Titans because Jarryd won't go anywhere else.

"Jarryd's got an option. He's got until the end of the month to give the Titans a decision. The option is in his favour, so if he wants to stay at the Titans, he takes up the option.

"If he wants to go elsewhere, he can do that, but there's been no interest from other clubs about getting Jarryd on the price tag he's got."