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Legendary Pommie Comedian David Baddiel Announces Australia Tour

Comic Who Wrote "Football's Coming Home"

Legendary Pommie Comedian David Baddiel Announces Australia Tour

David Baddiel is coming to Australia! (Yeah, okay, we had to look him up too. But turns out he's one of the UK's top comedians with over 20 years at the top and countless awards and iconic, funny telly behind him - as well as being a football nuffy. Think of him like the British Lehmo. 

In fact, according to the token Pom we keep in the office to laugh at when we win The Ashes, he was the first comedian to ever sell out Wembley Stadium for a live stand-up show with former comedy partner Rob Newman.

He was also (one of) the bloke(s) who wrote that annoying ‘Football’s Coming Home’ song the Poms were singing non-stop until Croatia did us all a favour during the World Cup. But don’t hold that against him.

Belinda Carlisle sings "We Dream The Same Dream", but I can't believe that every night Belinda Carlisle has a wet dream about Wilma Flintstone.

- David Baddiel

Plus, he’s been nominated for an Olivier Award, written best-selling books, done a ton of television and his latest “My Family: Not The Sitcom” Show has bagged an absolute ton of brilliant reviews and sold-out on its London run. Now you get to see that here, presented by Triple M!

Still need convincing? Well, according to Johnny English (we do have another nickname for him, but can’t write it down here) in the office, Baddiel is responsible for two of the best Pommie comedy TV shows of all time: “The Mary Whitehouse Experience” and “Fantasy Football League”. 

Here is he doing his thing on stage:




And this is bloody funny from ‘The Mary Whitehouse Experience’ (Baddiel’s the one on the left):



If you liked that, you’ll love this show. And the best way of getting there is hitting the button below! OR you can grab tickets right NOW from