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These Two Woman And Their Dogs Were Just Rescued After Five Months At Sea


These Two Woman And Their Dogs Were Just Rescued After Five Months At Sea

Two adventurous woman and their canine mates have just been rescued after five months at sea.

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava set off to sail from Hawaii to Tahiti in May but they didn't it make it far, with a giant storm destroying their engine and satellite phone just days into their journey.

Without an engine or a means of long-range contact, Appel and Fuiava floated aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean, sending out sporadic short-range emergency calls in the hope of attracting a naval vessel.

At one point through their harrowing journey, the ladies floated into a pack of sharks who used their broken boat as a hunting toy, continuously slamming into the boat.

"We were slowly maneuvering through their living room. They came by to slap their tails and tell us we needed to move along," Appel told new site KHON. 

"[The sharks] decided to use our vessel to teach their children how to hunt. They attacked at night."

The woman and their dogs survived several months ate sea thanks to a water purifier that turned sea water into drinkable H20, and a years supply of dry pasta, rice and oatmeal.

Finally, on October 24, after five months drifting aimlessly at sea, their boat was spotted by a Taiwanese fishing vessel 1450km's off the coast of Japan, with the fishing vessel sending an emergency call to the US Naval base on the island of Guam.


The USS Ashland reached Appel, Fuiava and their dogs the next day.

The woman and their pets are now travelling on the Naval ship until the ships next port of call, where they will step onto dry land for the first time in nearly half a year.