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5 Alternative Chicken Parmigiana Toppings

A good story starts with a chicken parmy

5 Alternative Chicken Parmigiana Toppings

A good story definitely DOES start with a chicken parmy and rightly so, they're delicious and a menu favourite. But sometimes it's fun to change it up a bit and try alternative toppings, which is a great thing because that means endless chicken parmys. So, to get you started on a life full of delicious, unique and mouth-watering chicken parmigiana's, we've put together FIVE alternatives which are bound to tickle your fancy! 


Want a Mexican influence on your parmy? Why not try a combination of salsa, corn chips, guacamole, kidney beans, guacamole & mozzarella! This will add a whole new feel to your parmy and you will probably forget what a taco is because this topping is THAT good!


The most important meal of the day is breakfast. But what if you could somehow add that to a chicken parmigiana? Well, if you're keen to try out a new topping, this is uniquely tasty. Napoli sauce, bacon, a fried egg on top and mozzarella cheese. It will be the new and improved brekkie that you wish you tried earlier!


Forget Hawaiian pizza! It's time for a Hawaiian chicken parmy! Transport yourself to Hawaii and dream of early retirement when you dig into this alternative topping! Just add ham, pineapple, pasta sauce and cheese and there you have a parmy with an edge! 


If you love Italian food, why not add a little bit of Italy to your chicken parmigiana? Add marinara sauce, garlic and basil to make an authentic Italian topping with a hint of mouth-watering flavour. Just combine them together to make an aromatic sauce and top with mozzarella cheese. 


Eating your veges has been made easier in the form of a vege chicken parmigiana! Forget ordering a side of greens when you can add healthy colour to your classic parmy! Simply add pumpkin, potato, cauliflower with a creamy sauce and you'll have the healthiest version of a parmigiana out there!