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5 Burgers That Just Aren't Burgers

There's even an "ice cream" burger?

5 Burgers That Just Aren't Burgers


It's no secret that food is evolving as well as our acceptance as to which food falls into which category. After some light research we found some not so normal burgers that need some explaining. 


1.Desert Burger

Undeniably appetizing, we would be more than happy to sit down at a restaurant and gaze down at an item called a "dessert burger". There's no need to count calories during this meal ;)

2.Bao Burger

The latest trend in burgers on the Gold Coast, we are excited to give a Bao Burger a tried. It looks like a burger wrapped in a slice of cloud.

3.Ice Cream Burger

This one might be our favorite... why? Just take a look at it. Not to mention there's a side of churros. 

4.Meat Pie Burger

Alright, this may be a beef wellington. But we've heard about a met pie burger in Melbourne that may or may not be amazing. You can check it out here, we can't wait to see it in the flesh. 

5.Bread-less Burger 

Being a completely raw burger with no bread didn't take away any points in the looks department. This burger passes the eye test with or without a bun. 


What do you think? Are these legit burgers or should they be in a separate category? Whether or not you call them "burgers" we would definitely like to try each and every one of them.