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7-Eleven's BYO Cup Day Is Back Tomorrow!

Mmm that's good squishy

7-Eleven's BYO Cup Day Is Back Tomorrow! 7-Eleven

Our favourite season is coming to an end tomorrow, so what better way to celebrate than with UNLIMITED SLURPEES? Thanks to 7-11, we can freeze our brains all day long for 2018's BYO Cup Day!


Starting from midnight tonight, you can walk into any participating 7-11 with anything from your own cup to your own bucket and fill it up for just $1!


You can do this as many times as you want, there are only a few rules...

Here are the rules for #BYOCupDay
1. Max dimensions of 23cm (width) x 26cm (height)
2. Keep it clean. No one likes a dirty slurp.
3. Gotta be watertight (you don’t want a leaking SLURPEE)
4. Don’t be a greedy SLURPER: one cup per person 


Remember it all starts at midnight tonight...