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A Cruelty Free Circus Rolls Into Helensvale This Weekend

Step right up...

A Cruelty Free Circus Rolls Into Helensvale This Weekend Not bad from a bunch of humans dressed as chimps, huh? Photo: NightQuarter

Plenty of things that were popular a decade back just haven’t stood the test of time: think fringe boots, High School Musical 3 and Crazy Frog. Another is touring circuses...

The kind where brave men would step into cages to tame ferocious lions and acrobats would swing from up in the rafters down onto the backs of giant elephants.

Of course, as the often cruel and inhumane treatment of these wild creatures has come to light, we have worked as a community to better respect and protect animal welfare rights. A reflection of this has been audiences boycotting circuses and, at times, local council and government bans on performances that feature exotic animals.


And so, with all of this happening, the question becomes: how can we enjoy the best a circus has to offer – breathtaking stunts, talented performers, funny/terrifying clowns – guilt-free?

Well, the folks at Elements & The World Famous Animal Circus have the answer!

This Saturday night they are throwing a totally epic guilt-free circus show at the Gold Coast’s favourite weekend hangout destination, NightQuarter.

A cast of talented performers will transport you to the animal kingdom as they take to the stage as interactive roving animals and deliver a mesmerising show full of world-class circus craft, death-defying stunts, slapstick comedy, aerials, acrobatics and fire.

Not too bad from a bunch of humans dressed as chimps, lions, zebras and gorillas, huh?


It’s everything you love about the circus minus the cruelty!

Prepare to be amazed by a display of fun, surprise and a spectacle that will leave you and your family on the edges of your seats. (When you’re not rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter, that is.)

As always on the night you can also enjoy NightQuarter’s 120+ specialty food and drink purveyors, designers and craftspeople. Best of all it only costs $3 to get yourself ringside!

…….just leave the fringe boots at home, deal?


If you feel as strongly as our friends Elements & The World Famous Animal Circus do, please take a moment to sign their pledge here to help stop animal cruelty in Australian circuses.

The Circus Animal Fire Spectacular Show is taking place at NightQuarter on Saturday 12th January. Doors open at 4pm. Entry is $3 and can be purchased from the gate on the night. Kids 12 and under are free. For more information visit the NightQuarter website here or the Facebook event page here.