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Bam Bam Bakehouse Owners Open Cubby Bakehouse In Chinderah!


Bam Bam Bakehouse Owners Open Cubby Bakehouse In Chinderah!
Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you also love...baguettes? Even though that's a totally random sentence, it makes sense because Cubby Bakehouse have officially opened their doors, bringing us alllll the sweet stuff, and, they specialise in French baguettes!
My god, what is that ^

Cubby Bakehouse is another venture from Ursula & Ben Watts who are the brains behind Paddock Bakery, Bam Bam Bakehouse & Neptune Kiosk, and let me tell you, you're going to be super impressed!

Menu items include:

  • The Baggie Bennie – a twist on the regular eggs benedict
  • The French-toast baguette pieces, dipped in vanilla custard and dusted with cinnamon sugar

Plus, don't even get us started on the ARRAY of baked goods in their cabinet. We're talkin' muffins, tarts aaaaaaaand...can we just take a second to appreciate their vanilla slice which looks like it came from heaven?!


Also, did we mention coffee comes in the CUTEST leopard print cups?! They're even biodegradable ;)


So, when are they open? You can visit them Wednesday-Sunday, 5am for coffee & 7am for breakfast and they're open until 3pm!

Go cross the border & check them out at 68 Chinderah Bay Drive, Chinderah!