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Big European trends to hit Australia in 2018!

Your guide on what's hot this year

Big European trends to hit Australia in 2018! Pinterest

From the catwalks in Paris to the ocean-view restaurants in Italy, we are constantly taking a leaf out of Europe's book when it comes to how we live our life, whether that's through fashion, food, consumer trends, home decorating and more. If you want to know what this year will look like, read on to find out how you can embrace these foreign trends from the comfort of your own home:

Millennial Pink

Just when you thought you wouldn't hear the term 'millennial pink' again, it's still going strong and is winning hearts in all forms - home decor, clothing, even food & drinks! It's an absolute hit in Europe and is popping up in all sorts of ways, which is why we are seeing it trickle down into the Australian market. Take Kmart for example:

Kmart Australia
Buckled shoes

The bigger the buckle, the cooler you are. At least, that's what this trend has to say! Buckled shoes have become quite the novelty in the European fashion world, with brands adding eccentric styles and buckled detailing to their lineup. This retro style has quickly secured its place once again in the wardrobes of fashion lovers and it's definitely here to stay in 2018! 

Windsor Smith
Polished concrete floors

When it comes to the home, polished concrete flooring is the hottest new trend for 2018! Forget the ragged 19080s carpet when you can have the most environmentally-friendly and durable option available: polished concrete. This is becoming quite the popular option for renovators and home owners in Europe. Why, you ask? They're easy to maintain and are actually an extremely versatile option. Try the Concretis Polish Concrete Veneer the from Southeast Floors for the ultimate seamless look!


Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and in 2018, cryptocurrency is set to become more mainstream. Investors are already reaping the benefits and banks are starting to catch on to this digital currency phenomenon. It's growing rapidly and 2018 is the year where more people around the world will be jumping in and giving it a go themselves.

Gut-healthy food

Focusing on gut health is set to be a huge trend this year, where eateries will be expanding their menu to include gut-friendly options. Consumers are starting to educate themselves on what they're putting into their bodies than ever before, and this year will see a focus on probiotic-rich foods, fermenting (Europeans have been fermenting food and drinks for YEARS!) and being mindful of what we eat. People will start to catch on to the overall health benefits with a gut-friendly diet in 2018!


If you're looking to add something new to your home this year, make sure you get in touch with SouthEast Floors for all of your Concretis Polished Concrete Veneer needs!