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Clawsified's: Gold Coast's Most Eligible Singles

The cutest Pups ready for Love

Clawsified's: Gold Coast's Most Eligible Singles

Gold Coast, here are the most eligible Woofettes and Pupperinos looking for love and a paw in marriage on March 4th!


Hello Ace,
This Handsome guy is an avid movie goer with a big heart. Although he is almost 5, he's still just a big kid who claims to be part of the Rebel Alliance. If he is good enough for Princess Leia, he's good enough for any gal.


This pretty gal is a night owl! But you won't see Mia out on the town, she prefers to cuddle up and binge watch Netflix. She wants her honeymoon somewhere with wifi.


Just like everyone's favourite breakfast drink, Milo is loved by many, nutrient rich and gives kids who need a boost, the nourishing energy they need to take on the day. At two years old this guy is 3-heaped teaspoons of cuteness.


Daisy is only a year young so you could say she's... fresh as a daisy! and likely to blossom even more with age. She's hoping her honeymoon is trip of a lifetime to Burning Man.


Ollie is a down to earth lady who still knows how to have a good time!
Fun fact: she was a ghost writer for Avril Lavigne's 2002 smash hit 'Sk8r Boi.'


Pinni's heart is as big as she is small, described by her neighbours as "a real go getter" and "beyond any boy dog could hope for!" We are certainly hoping to see her in white at Married at First Bite.


She's hot and she's spicy! meet Chilli. She turns two this year but she's certainly not too spicy for us.
Fun fact: Colonel Sanders once said "Her personality and attitude to life was one of the main inspirations for the 11th ingredient in my 11 secret herbs & spices."


Willow be the one for her? A self confessed drama queen with a passion for back scratches!


Chevy is a beautiful girl with a an unbelievably husky voice. She's brilliant as she is pretty with an arsenal of tricks to show.


Just because Ralph models most weekends doesn't mean he isn't a genuine guy with a heart of gold. Always with a smile on his dial, this handsome pup can't wait to have the love of his life smiling next to him.


The first time you see handsome Buddy Hollie you'll understand how its very black and white with him. You either love him straight away, or you'll love him straight away.


Could ZU be the one for this local Gold Coast Celebrity? With an average 4.7 Star rating, Zu is almost perfect. He lost 0.3 stars for breaking too many hearts (something he can't help).


If for some odd reason you didn't bite onto any of these good boys and girls, there will be plenty more puppy love to choose from on Sunday the 4th of March.  



AJ, Bridge & Spida will be live from Paws and Pizzazz at Sanctuary Cove with the aim to throw the biggest dog wedding the Coast has seen. Everyone is welcome to come to the free event plus you’ll score a gorgeous doggy wedding photo to remember forever.