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Do you remember Magic Mountain?

Watch old footage here!

Do you remember Magic Mountain?

It was the Gold Coast's very own beachfront amusement park. From 1962 to 1991, dodgem cars, jumping castles, a carousel and parachute drop tower sat upon the very hill locals still refer to as Magic Mountain.

Take a look at this Super 8 film footage of Magic Mountain back in the '80s.




The amusement park had a castle, chairlift, double-decker carousel, plane ride, train, splashdown, ball pit, tram ride and its very own theatre Magic Show.

Check out this old school television commercial from 1986!




Magic Mountain unfortunately closed a year later with the remains of the amusement park hanging around for another three years. 

Today it is known as Magic Mountain Resort Apartments, named in the memory of the park that entertained locals and tourists for nearly 30 years!

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