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How To Get Yourself In Everybody's Will

Where there's a will, there's a way!

How To Get Yourself In Everybody's Will

Sometimes we're so busy living life that we don't think about what will happen if us or someone around us passes. Having a will is going to save a whole lot of trouble for your family and loved ones when the time comes. But, if you're looking to squeeze yourself in a loved one's will, here's some ~interesting~ ways to get you one step closer:

Help out your dad even if he doesn't need help

It's always nice to do something for someone you love. Make that person your dad and assist him with literally EVERYTHING he needs. Open the drivers door for him and start the engine to save him time in the mornings, open every can or bottle of beer he has, if he says he's about to have a shower while you're over his house, go put it on to a soothing temperature for him. Surely doing all this is guaranteed to get you a solid mention in the will. Make sure you drop hints about that, y'know, just so you're on the same page.

Guilt-trip your mum

"Mum, remember that time 20 years ago when you said you were going to write my name on Nan's birthday card and then you forgot and she cracked it because I didn't get her anything? Well, yeah. I hope you feel guilty about that. Put me in your will". It's really that simple! Guilt-tripping, while frowned upon, might help you squeeze your name into that important piece of paper in the future. Start the guilt-tripping ASAP!

Overshare with your best friend

Overshare so much with your best friend that when you hear something they've never told anyone, say you'll never tell a soul if you get a mention in their will. While this is borderline blackmail, surely your mate won't even realise since they don't want their biggest secret revealed. Even do it to their mum, their dad - heck, do it to their whole family. Ka-ching!

Bribe your sibling

Sibling rivalry? More like sibling bribery! A subtle bribe goes a long way with siblings and can really give you some ammunition when it comes to being included in their will. Obviously, we're not going to hope they pass anytime soon or before you, but it's just about being safe, ok! When all else fails with your brother or sister, bribe them. That should be your new motto. Get it tattooed on you. Or don't, it's up to you.

Give your dog pats & treats daily

Dog wills? Yes! It's time our furry friends left something behind that wasn't smelling in the garden (if ya know what I mean), so it's time to stamp their little paws in some animal-friendly ink and get them to give you their fave toy when the time comes. You'll be thankful you'll have a memory from your dog forever and the fact that they temporarily stained their paw for you. Just give them pats, tummy rubs and treats daily - they will be sucked in in no time! 


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