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Secret Santa gift ideas that would win over any Gold Coast local

All under 20 bucks!

Secret Santa gift ideas that would win over any Gold Coast local

It's that time of year again when the office wants to play a little game of Secret Santa.

Or as we like to call it: Spend money on someone you haven't spoken a word to since signing your contract in 2008.

Why is it that you never draw your office bestie, and end up with Melissa from accounts who has pictures of cats on her desk.


Here are some fool proof gift ideas under $20 to get you through another year of office festivities.

Giant inflatable toys

If you're a Gold Coast local, chances are you can't go a Summer without splashing around in the nearest pool or beach. 

All the big discount stores including Big W, Kmart and Target generally have inflatable toys in stock and have become quite the trend for poolside fun.

Plants you can't kill

Most Gold Coasters can't get enough of plants, particularly ones that just wont die. Perfect for our ever-changing Coast weather are succulents, fiddle leaf or cactus. They make the perfect office "pet" or decoration for the house. 

Check out the Borrowed Nursery in Miami for something more boutique, or Bunnings Warehouse in Burleigh Heads for a wide selection of greenery. 

Plastic champagne or beer glasses




This present can and will compliment the inflatable flamingo (as above). Champagne or beer as you take a dip in the pool is mandatory over Summer. The issue is, glass and fun often don't mix. Grab your Secret Santa some fancy plastic cocktail, martini, champagne or beer glasses!

You'll track them down at Ikea, Kmart, spotlight and Big W, or if you're looking for something a tad fancier, try Wheel & Barrow at Ferry Road in Southport. 

Beach pack

The world is your oyster with this gift! Put together a beach pack full of Summer fun with a towel, sunscreen, beach ball, picnic rug, esky or beach speakers. 

Perfect for anyone who enjoys a day in the sun! 

Coffee mug

9/10 your Secret Santa will drink coffee or decaf, so a coffee mug gift is a no brainer. 

Feeling festive? Make it fun with a personalised cup signature to their job around the office. If they're a Journalist write "I am silently correcting your grammar" or if they're in the IT department write "Talk Nerdy To Me". They'll laugh. I'll laugh. We'll have have a merry old time. 

If they're on the run, best to go for the travel mug option. 

Advent calendar

Ooo I just love me some advent calendars! Gone are the days of chocolate countdowns, with the introduction of the latest advent calendars for all types of gifts. 

Dan Murphys alcohol calendars, David Jones 12 days of Christmas beauty calendar, Typo and Kiki K are all sporting some rockin' options!


Merry Christmas ya'll!