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Susan Croper wants to give you $1,000 because she isn't real

New scam fools too many people

Susan Croper wants to give you $1,000 because she isn't real

Susan Croper was the lucky winner of $70 million in last years Powerball, but now she wants to give 50,000 people $1,000, and all they have to do is follow her Instagram account. 


The Hervey Bay grandmother supposedly collected her winnings this week and has taken to Instagram to declare she will be giving away $50,000 - just cos.

The profile bio says:

I WON $70million on the powerball and would like to give some back. $1000 to first 50,000 people to follow and shout out this account.


Yeah, seems legit.

Unfortunately, over 35,000 people have taken the bait, following and sharing "Susan Croper's" post with hopes of her magically transferring $1,000 into their bank accounts.

Seems easy, right?


While a lot of these people are probably thinking Susan is the Oprah we never had, others are extremely skeptical and embarrassed of the friends who have fallen for the hoax.

So if you're scrolling through your feed and see that some of your friends have shared Susan's pics - this is why.

What do you think though? Is it a scam? Is it real?

Better yet, will you repost?