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The Collective Palm Beach Now Offers Catering!

5 cuisines to choose from!

The Collective Palm Beach Now Offers Catering!

There's nothing The Collective Palm Beach CAN'T do!  

We're so excited because The Collective Catering is now OFFICIAL! If you love all of their popular dining haunts like Luckies Diner, The Italian Job, The Kitchen, Calavera and Umami, you're in luck! 

The service is fully customisable and perfect for cocktail parties, social soirees, engagements, weddings and corporate events AND they'll include all the essentials too - glassware, crockery, cutlery, you name it!

But what's a party without a fully stocked bar? The Collective Catering will have you covered with a bartender and drinks to keep the party flowing! We all know how tragic it can be when you're running around trying to top up everyone's drinks at your own shindig #thestressisreal 

So, if you'd rather leave the hard stuff up to someone else, now you can enjoy yourself without lifting a finger #goals

How much are we talking for this, you ask? Well, menus start from $65 per person and two-hour drink packages start from $35 per person based on a minimum of 100 people. 

Did we mention they have a shiny new, fully-equipped FOOD TRUCK?! Honestly, could this be any more fabulous?!

For more info on The Collective Catering, head to

To book, simply call 07 5618 8229 or email