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The Gold Coaster's Survival Guide to the Next Few Weeks

How locals can stay sane!

The Gold Coaster's Survival Guide to the Next Few Weeks

We've all seen the road signs, television ads and traffic changes, all preparing us for the madness of the next few weeks.

Next month, thousands from across the globe will arrive in our city and while it's an exciting time for the economy, athletes and ticket holders, most locals are madly trying to change commuting plans and preparing for two weeks of hermit crab life. 


This is your Gold Coast bible to surviving day-to-day life as the city ramps up to host one of the busiest events in its history. 

Non-sporting events

While the city may be bustling with interstate and international visitors taking over the streets, it doesn't necessarily mean as locals we need say home, lock the doors and not move for two weeks.

In fact, April is shaping up to be a goldmine for activities and events to add to your diary STAT.  

Here are free events worth battling the crowds:

Kate Miller-Heidke Performs Live

April 14 - Surf Parade, Broadbeach

Who doesn't love a bit of indie pop princess Kate Miller-Heidke? Well, now she's here! In our city! And ready to take the stage along Surf Parade in Broadbeach from 8pm April 16. 

Impulse Art Installation

4 - 15 April - Surfers Paradise Beach 

This is a good one for kids, or the big kids at heart. They'll be 15 illuminated musical see-saws set up along Surfers Beach where you can become a musician with your movement. Watch the award winning interactive art, Impulse light up was you rock back and forth along with a composition that is constantly changing.  

360 ALLSTARS Production

5 - 8 April - Broadbeach Roundabout Stage

World champion athletes and performers hit the stage in this adrenaline-fuelled urban circus. With breakdancing, beatboxing, BMX flatlanding, basketball freestyling, drumming and an acrobatic wheel this will make you want to run away and join the circus. 

NightQuarter Festival

5 - 14 April - Helensvale

This is where all the athletes should go and eat when they get sick of their Village food. NightQuarter is hosting a big market of worldly dishes including everyday including slow-cooked barbecue, freshly shucked oysters, fish straight off the trawlers, vegan falafels, coldpressed juices, buddah bowls, brews, wines, cheeses and much more.

Feeling foodie? Join one of their daily food workshops and demonstrations.


4 - 8 April - Broadbeach Stage 

Ten committed acrobats put their bodies on the line in a display of pure power. 

Seen by millions around the globe, 'The Rite of Spring' has been at the crux of many dances and ballets around the world, but never circus - until now.

See bodies hurl, flow, twist, pulse and collide through the air and along the ground in a jaw dropping performance. 

Commuting To Work And Events

But how will I get to all these events you ask? 

Use this period to dust off the ol' bike and helmet and give riding to work a crack. The Coast has more than 800kms of bike ways that connect our local hot spots, so there's no excuse not to give active travel a go.

It's likely to be much faster than the car and less headache to find a park when you FINALLY arrive, and as a bonus you're getting fit AND doing your part for the environment.


Not much of a biker? Then public transport is your new best friends. Trams will operate 24 hours a day buses will travel every 15 minutes from 7am - 7pm and trains every 10 minutes.

Not much of a public transport person? Then we give you permission to stay home. 

There will be so much going on in our city from 4th to 15th April, so just suggest you take a big breath and just embrace it!