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The Non-Alcoholic Beer Changing The Drinking Game On The Gold Coast

Designated drivers rejoice!

The Non-Alcoholic Beer Changing The Drinking Game On The Gold Coast

It's craft beer like you've never seen it before. 

Local, Clinton Schultz stopped drinking alcohol four years ago after his young son asked him to "stop drinking silly drink". He never had a drink since. 


As a trained psychologist working closely with drug and alcohol and a lover of beer, Clinton still wanted to enjoy the taste of a cold iced beer at the end of a working day, but couldn't find anything. 

"I don't really like hypocrites, so if I was to be doing that sort of work, I wanted to be living the life. That was the beginning of the journey."

- Clinton Schultz, Co-owner of Sobah

He began playing around and making his own beer, experimenting with flavours for more than two years. Eventually, Sobah was born. 


His Indigenous influence and love of foods brought strong native flavours into every can, matching bush tucker infusions to match different types of beers.

"It is a beer, it is recognised as a beer, it's the exact same process as creating a beer, we just use a different strain of yeast. The strain of yeast doesn't consume malta so doesn't produce the alcohol. But everything else is exactly the same as brewing any beer."

- Clinton Schultz

If you want to find the beverage, head to the Walkabout pop up shop at The Oasis, Night Quarter, Miami Marketta and Greenhouse Cafe.


And watch this space. Sobah has plans to move into the spirits market, with different type of non-alcoholic UDL's.