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There's A Pizza-Burger Now Available In Surfers Paradise

There is a god!

There's A Pizza-Burger Now Available In Surfers Paradise

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza burger pie that's...The Bizzaro!

If you flip this beauty one side, it's a burger, flip it the other, and it's a pizza. 


The team at Brooklyn Depot in Surfers Paradise have conjured up this specialty as their 'Burger of the Month' and word is, its already a best seller. 

The team noticed so many people being unable to decide what they want at the counter, that there was no other solution but to combine them together! 

"There’s so many people that toss up whether they want pizza or burgers – so we’ve put it in one offering to avoid the confusion."

- Brooklyn Depot Team


The top bun is their house-made pizza made up of napoli, mozzarella cheese and fresh pepperoni. Beneath the bun layer is the house special sauce, grass fed beef patty and American cheese. 


For just $16, you can go to heaven and back - TWICE!