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This is what your body parts look like up close under a microscope

Not for the faint-hearted!

This is what your body parts look like up close under a microscope

Ever wanted to know what your skin really looks like? It can be so easy to put off booking in for that facial that you swore to yourself you'd do. Then, before you know it, it's been "too long" and you're embarrassed to do anything about it. But, in reality, your skin therapist has seen it all before. In fact, they've seen worse. 

Or, you might be pretty confident your skin is going well. If you're doing all the correct steps, your skin probably isn't doing too bad. But have you ever seen your skin up close? Like, really up close? This will be enough to get you on the phone to The Skin Centre Medi Spa in no time!

If you've ever wanted to know what clogged pores look like up close, then watch this 6 seconds of horror:


There's clogged pores and then there's blackheads - they happen to the best of us. They're not pleasant and are a pain to remove yourself (ever tried a blackhead removal tool on yourself? It's what nightmares are made of) so, getting a professional to do their thing is going to save you a whole lot of effort! Plus, you'll leave with beautiful, glowing skin - and who doesn't want that?!

Back in September, Reddit user Fit-N-Funky posted some...interesting close-ups of their skin under a microscope. Here's a photo of their clogged pores, which is most likely full of dirt, oil and a whole lot of gunk that's enough to put you off your sandwich at lunchtime. 

If you've jumped out of your jamies after all of those visual aids, then make sure you book an appointment today with The Skin Centre Medi Spa and get that healthy glow back! Book today, save 20% and go in the draw to win a $2000 makeover!

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