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Top Five Fascinating Fascinators

Taking field fashion to the next level

Top Five Fascinating Fascinators

It's almost that time of year again, when all of the finest fillies gallop into the Goldy sporting their most eye catching attire and fascinating fascinators. MAGIC MILLIONS IS UPON US!

Over the years, we've been lucky enough to have witnessed some of THE most fascinating fascinators and have taken it upon ourselves to create a list of the best...or perhaps worst fascinators we've seen so far. 

5) Whether the Weather Fascinator 

As you can see here, number five is ready for anything. The large white feathers have been strategically placed to form an umbrella like shape. Both stylish and strategic, whether you forgot your sunscreen or there's unexpected rainfall, this fascinator has you covered...literally. 

4) Island life Fascinator 

For those of you who are craving a tropical holiday but don't have the time, we have the perfect fascinator for YOU. Complete with fruit, flowers and infatuated parrots, this fascinator successfully embodies the island vacation that none of us can afford.

3) 50 shades of feather Fascinator 

What's heavier, a kilo of feathers or this hat? If you have a multitude of strange and interesting feathers lying around your back yard, you have yourself a fascinator. Don't break bank searching for the perfect fascinator, take things into your own hands...or wings, whatever. 

2) Sisters Hand-Me-Down

If you're into having your face caressed all day, then this is the fascinator for you! With Adams Family vibes, this poka-dotted glove has us torn between falling in love and running away. Is this a fashion faux pas or the latest field fashion? 

1) Smoking hot fascinator

If you're sick of being banished to the smokers area, this FASCINATING ashtray will have you wearing darts and breaking hearts. Coming in hot at number one, this smoking fascinator is making a bold ASH-ion statement. 

So there you have it folks, quit your horsing around, get out there and get yourself sorted for one of the biggest race days of the year. 

See you there!!