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Trackside Etiquette For The Star Gold Coast Magic Millions Raceday

Do raceday right!

Trackside Etiquette For The Star Gold Coast Magic Millions Raceday

The Star Gold Coast Magic Millions Raceday is upon us and there's no better way to kick off the festivities than brushing up on your trackside etiquette before you go! There are a few important things you should already be aware of, such as the dress code for the event and being a general delight. But, there are some tips that could be a nice refresher for you if you're planning on attending Magic Millions this weekend: 

Be respectful to punters & bookies 

This should be a no-brainer, but ensuring you're respectful of other punters & bookies really does go a long way. Magic Millions is a huge raceday and a lot of people like to have a bet, so being patient and polite will always trump unnecessary drama! More importantly, make sure you also gamble responsibly. 

Avoid your Saturday night get-up

Dressing appropriately at raceday is imperative. This is the day that you can really go all out and look classy, so make sure you leave your thongs & footy shorts at home for this one! If you're not sure on the dress code, check the website or simply give the venue a call. 

Plan your transport ahead of time

To save you time & patience, make sure you plan your transport ahead of time. Having a plan is always a great idea when heading out to a big raceday and gives you that peace of mind that you have a ride home after a long day trackside. 

Drink responsibly

It's the middle of summer, we're all enjoying a great day out for Magic Millions and while alcohol consumption is always going to happen, making sure you're drinking responsibly and keeping yourself hydrated will always win over being sloppy. Drink lots of water and look after your mates! 

Don't over-celebrate your win

Winning on a race is great, especially if you did all of the research for the winning horse! But there is such a thing as over-celebrating. While you're more than welcome to celebrate your winnings, avoid being obnoxious, as there might be someone close by who isn't too happy about their outcome! 


Gamble responsibly.