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AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Who will win the jackpot?

AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound



Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

We'll play it during breakfast and on your drive home! 

To win the cash prize all thanks to Cold Front Air Conditioning, you just have to get it right! You can also catch up with AJ, Bridge & Spida here


  1. Lifting the metal thing off a clipboard
  2. Opening and closing a folder
  3. Ripping off a band aid from your finger
  4. Opening a creaky door
  5. Opening a soft drink can
  6. Someone bouncing a ruler on the edge of a desk
  7. Mouse trap
  8. A swinging shower door
  9. Putting a CD back in the case
  10. Putting the coffee cup back into the tray
  11. Soap dispenser
  12. A hole punch
  13. Ring pull off a can
  14. Sticky tape cutting off on a serrated edge
  15. Opening a box of washing powder
  16. Putting your foot down on a pedal rubbish bin
  17. Opening the locks on a briefcase
  18. Pushing down the dice popper on 'trouble', the board game
  19. Pushing a straw into a McDonalds cup lid
  20. Putting your sun visor down on the car
  21. Tying the knot in a balloon after blowing it up
  22. Spring door stop
  23. Cutting through an apple on a cutting board
  24. Opening or closing a ring binder
  25. Pulling a finger on a rubber glove and letting go
  26. Pulling a velcro belt off a piece of clothing
  27. Bouncing a table tennis ball closely between the bat and the table
  28. Putting a Chinese container lid on
  29. A hole punch
  30. Flicking up the latch on a briefcase
  31. When you fill up your petrol tank when it clicks when you can't fit anymore petrol in
  32. Cracking a nut with a nut cracker
  33. Opening up a sushi packet
  34. A pepper grinder
  35. Tying up a balloon
  36. Separating bananas
  37. Spinning a coin on a table
  38. Pulling the cap off the tennis ball cylinder
  39. Automatic air freshener
  40. Opening or a closing lever arch folder
  41. Biting into an apple
  42. Vegetable slicer when you push it down and it springs back up
  43. Flick top lid on a squeeze bottle
  44. The tab on a packet of wet wipes
  45. Popping open an umbrella
  46. A staple gun
  47. Opening a coke can
  48. Rubbing your hand across a balloon
  49. Untying a balloon
  50. Tapping on a tamper proof jar
  51. Taking the cork out of a bottle of wine
  52. Opening the seal on a plastic milk bottle
  53. Separating the egg yolk from an egg white using a plastic bottle
  54. Electronic adding machine
  55. Pushing a straw through the top of a takeaway drink container
  56. Pushing the lid on a coffee cup
  57. Opening a can of drink
  58. Putting the loop around the button of Aussie made ugg boots
  59. An asthma puffer
  60. Taking the lid off a Nescafe coffee jar
  61. Open or close a flip folder
  62. Using a hammer to pull a nail out of a piece of wood
  63. Opening the door and clicking it back into the doorstop
  64. Start of somebody snoring
  65. The lever that you pull on a nerf gun when you go to reload
  66. Pulling the cork out of a wine bottle
  67. Twisting a pepper grinder
  68. Ring pull on a can
  69. Tightening your petrol cap