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Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Who will win the jackpot?

Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Our Secret Sound went off and it was "Removing a glass jar of coffee off a metal shelf at a supermarket"

So we have hit reset and our new Secret Sound is now LIVE!


Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

We'll play it during breakfast and on your drive home! 

To win the cash prize you just have to get it right! You can also catch up with Bridge & Spida here


  1. Popping a lid open on electric jug & closing it
  2. Opening a suit case
  3. Opening & closing a pedal bin
  4. Putting lid on metal pot
  5. A flip bin opening
  6. Opening a milo lid
  7. Stapler
  8. Throwing a tennis ball in to a tin of tennis balls
  9. Opening and closing petrol lid to fill up tank
  10. Opening a can of baked beans
  11. Opening a glove box
  12. Bouncing a rubber ball on tiles
  13. popping open pringles box and breaking seal
  14. putting coffee pod in to machine & pulling handle down
  15. opening a container with the clips on the side
  16. opening and closing a metal flap of a brick letterbox
  17. a safe closing and twisting the knob to lock it
  18. opening and closing a meal flap of a brick letterbox
  19. opening & closing a 4L tin of paint
  20. putting on the windscreen wipers
  21. opening & closing the toilet seat lid
  22. the lid opening and closing when you step on the pedal of a bin
  23. putting the lid on a metal drink bottle
  24. removing and putting back metal drip tray from a coffee machine
  25. opening a can of dog food
  26. closing the petrol tank door
  27. plug cord in to the wall from the toaster



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