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Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Who will win the jackpot?

Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Our Secret Sound went off and it was 'Scraping an avocado using a knife'

So we have hit reset and our new Secret Sound is now LIVE!


Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

We'll play it during breakfast and on your drive home! 

To win the cash prize you just have to get it right! You can also catch up with Bridge & Spida here


  1. Someone using a soap dispenser in a public toilet
  2. Rolling dice in a cup 
  3. Ping pong balls in a box
  4. Coffee Pod dropping into tray
  5. Milk Bottle top falling off into sink
  6. Ice into plastic cup
  7. Playing beer pong
  8. Yatsy
  9. Game trouble where you pop the dome in the middle
  10. Putting a golf ball into a plastic cup
  11. Ice in a plastic cup
  12. A latch on a door
  13. A dominoes shaking in a case
  14. Shaking a dice
  15. Peeling a hard boiled egg
  16. Tic Tacs
  17. Coins dropping into a container
  18. A piggy bank
  19. Opening a coke can
  20. Putting a golf ball into a hole
  21. Dropping pens into a pen holder
  22. Slurping the dregs out of a cup with a straw
  23. Opening a takeaway chinese container
  24. Serving a table tennis ball
  25. A toy gun
  26. Putting ice into a cup
  27. Shaking a paint can ball
  28. Shaking a dice inside a dice holder
  29. Flicking a ruler against the table
  30. Shaking lollies in a cup
  31. Dice in a cup
  32. Squashing an aluminium drink can 
  33. Using a stapler 
  34. Lable maker gun 
  35. Dropping empty toilet roll into the bin
  36. Last sip out of a metal milkshake cup 
  37. Typewriter 
  38. Dropping a dice into a cup
  39. Mouse trap game
  40. Self inking stamps
  41. Shaking a pill bottle with vitamins
  42. The latch on a gate
  43. Someone opening an office
  44. Dropping a coin into the empty cup holder in a car
  45. And old credit card machine
  46. A empty coffee pod dropping into the coffee machine
  47. Clicking out a sugar tablet
  48. A gumball machine when the toy falls out
  49. Screwing a plastic water bottle top
  50. Dropping a cup of ice-cubes into a cup
  51. Old clocks that flick over the numbers
  52. Silver wire thing that goes into your protein shaker cup 
  53. Marble falling onto a table
  54. Chinese clacker
  55. Hole punch
  56. Putting false teeth into the plastic container
  57. Coins dropping out of self-service at the supermarket checkout
  58. Pulling white plastic disposable cup out of the water cooler
  59. Dropping a peanut into a disposable
  60. Crushing a paper cup
  61. A shaker bottle - the ones you put protein in
  62. Picture snapper viewing 
  63. Electric stapler
  64. An automatic stamp
  65. Dropping dice into the dice shaker container 
  66. A plastic cup being dropped in a bucket
  67. Ice from an ice machine dropping into a paper cup (like at a fast food restaurant)
  68. Opening the lid of a jar
  69. Using a labelling gun
  70. Car lock when you press central locking
  71. Paper holder when you click it together
  72. Turning a key to unlock the door
  73. Small nail gun
  74. A lotto ball when it comes out
  75. Kicking a 3L empty milk bottle across the ground
  76. Run a DVD case through a machine to unlock the case
  77. Putting a dishwasher tab into the dishwasher
  78. Car door handle
  79. Battery into a torch
  80. Ping pong ball onto a bat
  81. Dropping your toothbrush back into the cup holder
  82. Dropping a battery into a torch
  83. Pin ball flipper
  84. Removing the lid of a medicine bottle
  85. A franking machine
  86. When you put a ball down the clowns mouth at the show
  87. Nuts in a tin
  88. Undoing a milk bottle top
  89. Pricing gun
  90. Dice getting thrown onto the Monopoly game
  91. Throwing soy sauce into the container
  92. Slide projector when you press the button and it goes to the next slide
  93. A sewing machine needle
  94. Putting cereal into a bowl
  95. Switching a torch on
  96. The button on the crossing at a set of lights
  97. Someone taking a picture with a camera
  98. The ball going in the hole at putt putt
  99. Knocking skittles over in ten pin bowling
  100. Putting a pen down onto a desk
  101. Dropping dice into a plastic cup
  102. Pulling the pin on a pinball machine
  103. Taking the lid off a plastic ice cream tub
  104. Board game dice popper
  105. Tapping a cassette
  106. Framing pool balls on a table
  107. Opening and closing the cup holder on the dashboard
  108. When you press the middle part of the trouble game
  109. Taking the lid off a hairspray can
  110. Bouncing a ping pong ball
  111. Air hockey putt goes into the shoot
  112. When you put a shopping basket down and the handles drop down
  113. The button on the crossing at a set of lights
  114. Someone taking a picture with a camera
  115. The ball going in the hole at putt putt
  116. Knocking skittles over in ten pin bowling
  117. Putting a pen down onto a desk
  118. Dropping dice into a plastic cup
  119. Last tic-tac
  120. Change from a self-service checkout
  121. Passport getting stamped
  122. A mouse trap
  123. A doctor’s stamp
  124. Coins into a parking meter
  125. A plastic cup being dropped out of a coffee dispenser
  126. A coin dropping down in drink machine
  127. Dropping a dish washer tablet into the dishwasher dispenser
  128. When you pull up to the drive-thru with McDonald’s and you hear the cup drop down for the drink
  129. When you use your thumb to turn a dolphin torch switch on and off
  130. Bouncing a golf ball off a wooden bench
  131. Tearing perforated cardboard
  132. stepping off bathroom scales
  133. Ice into a cup from an ice making fridge
  134. Opening the vacuum cleaner container
  135. Coins returning in a drink dispenser
  136. When you open a suitcase
  137. When you push a straw through the top of a plastic lid of a takeaway drink
  138. Cracking a hardboiled egg with a spoon
  139. Slides into projector
  140. Guillotine cutting paper
  141. Plug into a socket
  142. Slides into a projector
  143. Pushing the right click button on a computer mouse
  144. Pushing the lever down on a view master game
  145. When you fill up your car and put the pump back into the holder
  146. Self inking stamp
  147. Dropping a coin into a plastic money box
  148. Someone flicking over a disposable coffee cup with your finger
  149. Mint in a tin
  150. Plastic cup dispenser 
  151. Igniting a stove
  152. Dropping a Jaffer into the box
  153. Flipper on a pinball machine
  154. Turning on a light
  155. Putting a key in a deadlock
  156. Putting ball in a cup
  157. Lifting the latch on a gate
  158. Pulling out an ashtray in the car with a coin in it
  159. Kelly pool bottle
  160. Tapping your fingernails on the bench
  161. When you squeeze a plastic water bottle and the plastic pops back into place
  162. When you are flicking the spinner on the game twister
  163. Indicator being released
  164. Horse hooves on concrete 
  165. A franking machine
  166. Dropping cashew nuts into small Tupperware container
  167. Closing the glove box in the car
  168. Closing a 2 or 3 ring binder
  169. Dropping a biro pen into a plastic cup
  170. Clicking the end of a pen
  171. Click of the tongue
  172. Dusk Lighter
  173. ice in a cocktail shaker
  174. an extendable ladder
  175. Clicking a computer mouse
  176. Double enter or space on the key board
  177. Opening an umbrella and it clicking into place
  178. Old-school pricing gun
  179. Put your manual car into gear
  180. Throwing a set of dice on a table
  181. Shutting a folder
  182. Dropping high heels
  183. Closing a petrol cap
  184. Automatic pool gate closer
  185. Dropping a pen on the table
  186. Playing connect-4
  187. Ice dispenser machine in a fridge
  188. Putting ice into a plastic cup
  189. Opening a kinder surprise plastic egg
  190. Turnstiles
  191. Electric stapler
  192. Ball on a roulette wheel
  193. Hitting a table tennis ball
  194. Old clock that ticks down to change the time
  195. hanging up a landline phone
  196. Throwing a plastic peg back into the peg bucket
  197. When you have the built in suitcase lock
  198. Dropping a mobile on a timber bench
  199. Plastic cards into plastic container
  200. Floss out of container
  201. Bowling ball out of machine
  202. Old fashioned slider on a telephone book
  203. Placing a remote on a table
  204. The hands of a grandfather clock ticking over
  205. Pez dispenser
  206. ice into tray
  207. printer picking up paper
  208. Dropping a cassette into a cassette player
  209. Gobstopper rolling around in its packet
  210. Drink and snack machine when you put the money in
  211. Opening a security screen door
  212. Dropping toothbrushes into a cup
  213. Plastic Cassette Tape onto concrete
  214. pill out of Webster case 
  215. hungry-hungry hippos
  216. The old game monkey in a barrel
  217. Someone dropping marbles into a plastic cup
  218. The ball rolling around inside a paint spray can
  219. Plugging or unplugging a headphone in the headphone jack
  220. Dropping a pen into a pen holder
  221. An electrical typewriter
  222. Opening a cup holder in a car 
  223. Sit Bow Machine at the Casino
  224. Car handbrake button
  225. Opening a kitchen bin using the foot pedal
  226. Adding a block to the game jenga
  227. Beer opener on the wall
  228. The noise that tumblers make when undoing a combination safe
  229. Going through a turnstyle
  230. Pushing the button in on your handbrake
  231. Ping Pong ball being hit back
  232. plastic cup into plastic bin 
  233. gate latch
  234. Mixing a coffee with teaspoon
  235. Pressing the button on a pedestrian crossing
  236. Removing the lid from a milo tin
  237. The slap of the gumball machine – swings
  238. Popping the top of a promite jar
  239. Snooker balls bumping together
  240. Pressing close button on smart phone
  241. Medicine Pill capsule going into plastic cup
  242. Putting pencil in a cup
  243. Clicking a hose connection together
  244. Gymnastic spring board
  245. Bouncing a transaction card on the table
  246. A gumball falling into the bottom
  247. Putting a trailer onto the tow ball
  248. Spring ball in a protein shaker
  249. Incorrect PIN into phone
  250. plastic button on Maccas drink lid
  251. protein shaker ball into cup
  252. An ice dispenser
  253. Pulling out a plastic cup from a water dispenser in an office
  254. The cup coming out of the dispenser at Mcdonalds
  255. Pushing in a button on a gear stick auto car
  256. Opening the latch on a glovebox
  257. Pushing a tablet out of a blister pack
  258. Coin into poker machine
  259. Toilet roll bouncing on a table
  260. Opening a screen door with a key
  261. Money being dispensed from ATM
  262. Fob key getting in to security door
  263. Ice falling in to take away cup from ice dispenser
  264. Opening and closing sunglass compartment in the car
  265. Dropping batteries in to a hand torch
  266. Unlocking or locking deadlock on house door
  267. The indicator flicking on and off
  268. Home set golf sets where it returns the ball to you, the clicking sound
  269. A printer
  270. Empty plastic yoghurt tub being dropping a table or bench
  271. The first couple of pops of popcorn
  272. A ball falling on roulette table
  273. A push down dome on a board game
  274. Deck of cards falling on a table
  275. Latch flicking up on a suitcase or briefcase
  276. Flicking jug on
  277. sliding a window closed
  278. opening baby food
  279. Sitting down plastic cup on a wooden table
  280. Taking a photo with a smartphone
  281. Unscrewing a safety cap off a bottle
  282. Dropping a $2 coin into the centre compartment of a car
  283. Somebody flicking an old fashion dial on a board game
  284. Dropping a garage remote into a console in the car
  285. Coke bottle in cup holder
  286. fingers at the bottom of a pringles container
  287. moving your foot from the break to accelerator
  288. Opening a door with an electronic key tag
  289. Snapping a block of a chocolate
  290. When the ball on an abacus drops down
  291. A price tag sticker gun
  292. Hanging up the petrol bowser at a service station
  293. Tapping the fuel bowser on your car to get the last drops out
  294. Turning on radio
  295. Crushing a plastic cup
  296. Dropping latch on pool gate
  297. Closing a laptop 
  298. flicking a bobblehead
  299. Using your keep cup and taking it out of the cup holder
  300. Notice board when you release the clipper
  301. Little ball asthma machine
  302. When the mail comes to your desk and the die rotates to press the impression onto the page
  303. Throwing a nut or bolt into a cup
  304. A notification tone on a mobile phone
  305. Closing a laptop
  306. draining a milkshake with a straw
  307. Squash ball against a wall
  308. crushing a can in can
  309. a toy flipping over
  310. traffic light button
  311. dice in casino game
  312. putting down toilet seat
  313. Switching on your CD player
  314. When you put the cover back on a lipstick
  315. Shaking a tin of hairspray
  316. Using your finger to tap the button the old rotary phone
  317. Shaking a mint out of eclipse mint tin
  318. Taking batteries out of a remote control
  319. Ejecting a cassette, (Start of Robert Palmer Video)
  320. putting a video into a VHS 
  321. dropping batteries into a torch
  322. Children’s Toy “Shape-O”
  323. Pepsi can opening in Simply Irresistible film clip
  324. Clicking fingers
  325. A percussion instrument – canastas
  326. Tipping a box of Maltese’s up
  327. A zippo lighter mechanism
  328. Chinese palm drum
  329. Hanging up a telephone old-school style
  330. Mixing around ice in a cocktail shaker
  331. Putting the lid on and off a bottle of plastic pills
  332. Open a Pepsi can
  333. An electric guitar being plugged into an amp
  334. The sound of locking your Iphone
  335. Maraccas!
  336. Alphabet blocks
  337. Cufflinks
  338. mic into a mic stand
  339. guitar pick into a guitar
  340. Tapping the top of the microphone with your fingertips
  341. The clicking of heels on a stage
  342. Tapping drumsticks on a counter
  343. The door of a Walkman closing
  344. A stick of lipstick hitting a surface
  345. The petrol cap
  346. Dropping surfwax on a surfboard
  347. Pushing a button in on a pedestal fan
  348. Plugging in an electric guitar
  349. A deep breath machine where the balls drop up and down
  350. Retractable toilet roll holder
  351. Closing the door on a petrol cap
  352. Top of lipstick,
  353. guitar case latch
  354. opening a mint tin
  355. Rolling or knocking your knuckles on wood
  356. Changing the speed on a record player
  357. Clicking a sword like in the Robert Palmer film clip
  358. Dropping a coin into a plastic money box
  359. Plugging into an amplifier
  360. Putting your lipstick back into a box lipsticks
  361. pushing a button on an oldschool camera
  362. VHS player accepting the tape from the Robert Palmer film clip
  363. Dropping a malteser into a malteser box
  364. Putting a golf ball into the hole
  365. When you click on and off a pull light
  366. Hand held tele counter
  367. Stamp that clicks up and down
  368. Pulling a sword out of its scarab
  369. Music tempo that keeps you in rhythm
  370. Palm tree swaying in the wind
  371. Clicking the button on a camera to take a photo
  372. Playing the old game of knuckles
  373. Vintage spinning ashtray clicking sound when you push the centre button
  374. Opening and or closing a bottle of Palmers Coco butter
  375. Throwing a cigarette lighter onto a table
  376. Pressing down with your palm to open the safety on a pill bottle
  377. The money dropping down in the phone after you hang up
  378. Borocca in a cup
  379. The coin dropping into the coin return on a phone
  380. A game from the 70's - Trouble!
  381. A record dropping down onto a turn table
  382. Air hockey puck going into the chute
  383. Taking out or putting in a Robert Palmer CD into CD tower
  384. When you throw your remote into the console of your car
  385. Someone closing a travel soap holder
  386. Slapping handcuffs on
  387. The old phone-school dial
  388. Dropping a drum stick onto a drum kit
  389. Dropping a pair of drumsticks onto a table
  390. Dice dropping into a plastic cup
  391. Toy monkey playing the drums
  392. Cigarette rolling machine
  393. A metronome
  394. Beat drop in Robert Palmer’s song “What Takes”
  395. Kick bass on drums
  396. Clapping drum sticks together 
  397. Clicking sound on or off a noise gate suppressor pedal 
  398. tyre pressure
  399. air at service station
  400. Dropping money in to the Save the Farmers (rhyming with Palmer) charity tin
  401. drums
  402. Pressing play on a tape in a cassette player
  403. golf ball going in to the hole
  404. the old school cup game and the sound of them on a table
  405. Lowering and raising of extendable ladder
  406. slurping last bit of drink from straw
  407. pulling lead out of guitar
  408. Old record player dropping down 
  409. dropping drumsticks on to a steel drum
  410. dropping ear plugs
  411. Canasta (percussion instrument)
  412. tapping foot on the lead recoil button on vacuum
  413. Guitar effects pedal
  414. Pushing in or pulling out axillary cables from an amp 
  415. the Game of Trouble
  416. Operating the device (remote control) from the picture on the album cover of Robert Palmer’s Pressure Drop
  417. letting the lever down when the chair drops in Robert Palmer’s music clip
  418. Sound of a prize wheel
  419. Robert Palmer and Metronome at the beginning of his
  420. Barometer pressure going down
  421. magnet picking up paper clip
  422. tapping the drum stick on the rim of the drum kit
  423. Playing with poker chips 
  424. Robert Palmer clicking his fingers 
  425. Needle on a record player moving back and forth on a record.
  426. Paper hole punch
  427. Dialling an old school phone 
  428. Twisting the handle on an old school gum ball machine
  429. Guillotine cutting off the end of a cigar
  430. Golf ball going in to a hole
  431. playing the metal spoons 
  432. pressing play on a reel to reel tape player
  433. sound of a conductor tapping his/her stick
  434. Guillotine cutting off the end of a cigar
  435. Golf ball going in to a hole 
  436. playing the metal spoons 
  437. pressing play on a reel to reel tape player
  438. sound of a conductor tapping his/her stick
  439. Electric Drum
  440. Scratching the top of a microphone
  441. Twisting the lid off a coconut water drink
  442. dropping a plectrum in to a guitar
  443. dropping drumsticks in to their holder
  444. Knocking drum stick on the rim of a drum 
  445. Cupping a dice into a cup
  446. Dropping a cassette into a walkman
  447. Dropping coin in to a cup as seen in Robert Palmer music clip
  448. the sound of the ball in nail polish when you shake it
  449. Holding a wind chime and the sound of the wooden centre piece
  450. Coconut splitting
  451. Putting money in to a vending machine bed
  452. Turning light switch on
  453. dropping drum sticks on the floor
  454. Mrs Palmers surf wax – broken bits left in tin 
  455. sound of the milk in a coconut when shaking it 
  456. dropping sunglasses in to sunglass case
  457. Dropping a pringle in to an empty pringle tube
  458. lead off an amplifier in to an electric guitar
  459. dropping a microphone on to a bench
  460. Opening a mint tin box eg: eclipse
  461. dropping glasses on the floor
  462. dropping CD in to a CD case
  463. Hanging up the receiver on an old school phone 
  464. plugging microphone in to a speaker 
  465. dropping ball in to a clown’s mouth
  466. disengaging the beaters out of a mixer in to a bowl 
  467. putting the top back on a perfume bottle 
  468. pushing pills out of the silver pill pack
  469. The percussion at the beginning of “Pressure Down” song
  470. using an old manual credit card machines
  471. guitar pic dropping inside the guitar
  472. dropping iphone earbuds on the bench 
  473. popping champagne cork
  474. closing the lid on a music cassette tape
  475. turning the mode nob on an electric drum machine
  476. the draw of a cash register in Robert Palmer’s song “clues”
  477. Putting a cordless phone on to its cradle 
  478. Bass guitar on the song Simply Irresistible
  479. putting a disc in to a disc player
  480. Pushing the enter key on a computer keyboard 
  481. Robert Palmer dropping a lighter on the floor 
  482. Roulette ball dropping in to the roulette slots
  483. Dropping a stethoscope
  484. Dropping ear plugs into a container 
  485. Pushing on the chest of a CPR Dummy
  486. plugging headphones in to a mini disc player
  487. taking the top off the lipstick
  488. Twisting the lipstick before applying
  489. turning the lever on a vending machine
  490. pushing the button on an old school spin ashtray
  491. earphones dropping around collar
  492. Camera shutter on an SLR camera in one of Robert Palmer’s album covers
  493. Rolling the dice on the bench while playing a game of Yazi
  494. dropping and loading a Robert Palmer tape in to a cassette deck
  495. Clicking a guitar pedal
  496. drinking the last bit of a drink in a cup – the slurp
  497. Turning on a light switch. Robert (means “bright”) Palmer (shining star)  
  498. opening or lifting a flip top lid off the bottle of sunscreen
  499. turning the screw down on a symbol on a drum kit
  500. Gyro instrument Robert Palmer uses
  501. sound of the stick hitting the xylophone key in the music clip
  502. soap dispenser
  503. old credit card reader
  504. Adjusting a microphone stand
  505. Dropping a drum stick
  506. pluto board game
  507. tap dance shoe
  508. taking headphones off your head and placing them on the desk  
  509. putting the coin in to the slot of the old school electric bed
  510. Robert Palmer/ wooden percussion called a Guiro in song “get outside
  511. a set of beats by dre headphones dropping on to a surface whilst listening to a Robert Palmer song
  512. Flicking the paddle shifter on a steering wheel to change the gear
  513. using the palm of your hand to strike a percussion drum kit 
  514. making a back beat when striking the side of a drum with drum sticks
  515. tapping a gyro in the song I’ll Be Your Baby
  516. drop a pressure regulator on a pressure cooker from the album, Pressure Drop
  517. beer pong – the cup going in to the cup
  518. pushing enter on a mini disc player
  519. Blinds hitting window or door frames
  520. dropping the lid off a plastic pepsi bottle in to a rubbish bin
  521. holding on to a cow bell and shaking it
  522. Operation game – the noise it makes when the body shakes “Doctor Doctor” song
  523. Dropping pegs in a bucket
  524. Cd in a CD Player
  525. Old fashioned price gun from Woolies
  526. drum sticks falling on to the ground
  527. rolling a glass case on to a desk
  528. putting a mic back on its stand
  529. Robert Palmer tapping the microphone and the cord dropping down
  530. Someone closing their glasses
  531. Hanging a record player needle up
  532. Pialto drum
  533. Ping pong ball in a cup
  534. Sliding the credit card through an old school credit card machin
  535. Robert Palmer= Chairman of the board
  536. One of Robert Palmer’s LPs falling on to the turn table
  537. typing on a manual typewriter- Johnny & Mary video
  538. Trouble
  539. Robert Palmer opening a packet of cigarettes and the lighter dropping down
  540. Robert Palmer’s cover of Pressure Drop album standing near a TV set-sound of the remote
  541. Putting a Robert Palmer CD into a CD Player
  542. Cups being knocked over
  543. Putting a record player needle onto a record
  544. drop beat tapping on a closed symbol
  545. pedal on an electric guitar
  546. hitting stop on a cassette in a cassette deck
  547. The record player when it’s finished playing
  548. the sound of the lever when the next record fall down
  549. Glasses case…beat ear buds in the case
  550. Golf ball going in to a golf hole
  551. Win or lose in Kelly Pool
  552. Robert Palmer’s film clip ‘Looking for Clues’
  553. the sound when he puts his foot in the foot pedal of the drum
  554. Clive Palmer sipping a slurpie
  555. electric guitar plugging in to amplifier
  556. ejecting cassette from a cassette player
  557. plugging a lead in to an amplifer
  558. portable speakers when you sync music
  559. Pedal on the 808 (old drum machines) used to record music
  560. disconnecting a boom3 speaker
  561. Taking out the mic from the stand
  562. dropping a portable sony mini disc player
  563. pressing the button on a cd player
  564. adjusting a mic on its stand
  565. turning a power switch on for a guitar amp
  566. unplugging an amplifier plug
  567. Eject button
  568. Opening a latch on a guitar case
  569. Old school sound board
  570. tapping fingers on the steering wheel while listening to music from the stereo
  571. pop a Cd out of a CD player
  572. pushing the button on a jukebox to choose a song
  573. popping a Robert palmer CD in the plastic
  574. pushing the button on the guitar pedal
  575. dropping a gyro
  576. Jukebox
  577. CD in a player
  578. Plugging in a guitar
  579. A record player dropping on a record player
  580. taking a Robert Palmer DVD out of its Case
  581. Dropping a mic cord
  582. Pressing eject on a Walkman
  583. pulling an output cord out of an electrified gyro box
  584. winding a cassette tape with a pencil
  585. Plugging headphones into iphone
  586. Turning on or off iphone
  587. Notifaction button when you close your iphone
  588. tapping on bongo drum with palm of hand
  589. beat headphones dropping on bench
  590. jukebox changing a record
  591. The bass of a microphone stand hitting or touching the ground
  592. turning the flast light off or on mobile phone
  593. trouble
  594. Plugging mic into amp
  595. Piano pedal, Pressing play on an old tape deck
  596. pushing a car cigarette lighter in
  597. putting the lid of a coffee cup on
  598. playing the riptide CD in a CD player
  599. guitar pick
  600. pellet drum
  601. someone dropping a broken pen in to an empty can
  602. Record into jukebox
  603. Guitar pedal
  604. plugging a pair of beats earphones  in to an iphone
  605. putting a coin in to a jukebox
  606. press studs on shirt
  607. dropping beats by dre headphones on to a table
  608. turning up the button on a speaker dial
  609. plugging in a microphone cord in to a mic
  610. Record dropping down
  611. Handheld drum
  612. circuit breaker
  613. synthesizer
  614. mute bar slider on a clavinet
  615. turning a light switch on
  616. hitting a octaban drum
  617. using your hands to turn on or off switch on a radio
  618. turning a power point off
  619. portable music media player connecting to a dock
  620. Putting batteries in headphones Plugging amp into a power station
  621. Pressing Play on a power station cassette
  622. opening the latches of an electric guitar case
  623. popping the batteries out of a Walkman or mobile device
  624. ejecting the power adapter from a sony walkman
  625. someone plugging a karaoke machine in to a power point
  626. headphone airpods banging against each other
  627. pulling headphones out of phone jack
  628. Opening a sunglass case
  629. Turning a power point on/off
  630. Flicking a button to release beaters on a mixer
  631. dropping ipod in to charger
  632. taking batteries out of a Walkman
  633. when Robert palmer pulled the power cord out of his guitar
  634. taking a photo with your mobile phone
  635. dropping headphones in to the palm of your hand
  636. Robert Palmer flipping a cigarette packet
  637. Remote locking your car
  638. Playing a song on a jukebox
  639. Letting go of ear buds
  640. plugging a cord with a jack in to the back of a speaker
  641. when you hang up using your finger with an old school dial telephone
  642. keys dropping from the palm of your hand in to the middle compartment of car
  643. pressing the pause button on a cassette player
  644. the power station/dropping a blue tooth speaker in to the palm of your hand
  645. Opening a lid on a portable cd player
  646. Plugging in a mobile phone charger
  647. Headphones dropping on a table
  648. hooked up to blue tooth speaker turning off the home screen of your device and the sound going through
  649. noise the speaker makes when you drop the plug out of the mobile phone
  650. turning on a blue tooth speaker
  651. plugging or unplugging a charger for an ipod
  652. turning the volume switch of a radio to turn it on or off
  653. plugging a set of headphones in to an Iphone


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