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Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Who will win the jackpot?

Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound



Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

The catch is... there's only one guess per day! So you better study up and make it count!

To win the cash prize, you just have to get it right! You can also catch up with Bridge & Spida here


  1.  Dropping $2 coins into a bottle of Jack Daniels
  2.  Old bicycle bell
  3.  Throwing a teaspoon into a cup
  4.  Turning off the oven timer
  5.  Alarm clock going off
  6. Pressing a button on the keypad of an alarm system
  7. A door buzzer
  8. The sound of a kettle after its finished boiling
  9. A Metal tag hanging on a fire extinguisher
  10. Dropping coins into a car ash tray
  11. Egg timer
  12. Putting a cup back on the saucer
  13. Reloading a stapler
  14. Dialing a number on an old school phone
  15. Pushing a plug and releasing it
  16. Dropping an ice cube in a glass
  17. Dropping a tea spoon on a counter
  18. The beep from an air conditioner
  19. Trying to write on glass with a ball point pen
  20. Putting a crystal wine glass onto a marble bench top
  21. Pressing the button on a digital SLR camera
  22. Tapping a teaspoon on a glass
  23. Clinking two glasses together
  24. The flap on a payphone coin shute
  25. Locking a bike lock
  26. The chink of a spoon in a mug
  27. Slapping a coin on a metal table
  28. Hitting the print button on a printable calculator
  29. Ring of a message coming through on a mobile phone
  30. Turning your key in the ignition and the accessories clinking together
  31. Pressing the numbers on a digital safe
  32. Dropping a knife on the counter after buttering toast
  33. Holding the button in your car to programme a radio station
  34. Hitting a receptionists bell in a shop
  35. Putting your rings onto a crystal ring stand
  36. Taking your rings off and throwing them into a jewellery dish
  37. Playing a xylophone
  38. Coins returning in a vending machine
  39. Changing the setting on a dehydrator
  40. Changing the accessories on the washing machine
  41. Cracking open a stubby and putting the bottle opener and cap down on the counter
  42. Putting the lid back onto a sugar bowl
  43. Automatic measuring tape
  44. 5 cents falling into a crystal glass
  45. Old school alarm clock with the metal ringing on top
  46. A Metal drink bottle, from a restaurant, opening
  47. A horse shoe clinking
  48. Putting your hand into a container or desk to grab a paper clip or tack
  49. Cordless Electric Drill
  50. Two coffee mugs banging together 
  51. Dropping a $1 coin into a crystal bowl 
  52. Toy Piano
  53. A desert spoon dropping into a cereal bowl
  54. Opening an old filing cabinet
  55. Testing a smoke alarm in your house
  56. Turning on/off a touch bed side lamp
  57. Lolly machine - putting in the coin and turning on the dial
  58. A safe unlocking
  59. Turning on and off a switch of an electronic scale
  60. Old front door bell being turned
  61. Dropping a piece of jewellery into the sink
  62. Locking a gate
  63. A pen dropping into a glass