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Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

What have the GC guessed already?

Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound



Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

To win the cash prize… you just have to get it right!


  1. Throwing a book against a wall and catching it
  2. Throwing a pen into a bin
  3. A hole punch
  4. A stapler
  5. Ink stamping
  6. Using a stamp
  7. Washing Machine out of balance
  8. Old school desk pencil sharpener
  9. Pushing down on a date stamp
  10. Tennis/stress ball hitting a garbage bin
  11. Manual stapler – pushed down on wood
  12. Dropping a pvc pipe on the ground
  13. Throwing a dart at a dart board
  14. A pricing gun
  15. A reclining chair (the sound of the springs)
  16. Closing a door or cupboard
  17. Kitchen tidy bin – flapping door
  18. Passport stamp
  19. Dropping an empty drink popper
  20. Igniter on a gas BBQ
  21. Rolling or tapping a microphone
  22. Shutting a car door
  23. Pressing the button on a pushbutton phone
  24. A staple gun
  25. Hole punch
  26. A passport stamp machine
  27. A date stamp
  28. A ball bouncing against a wall
  29. A straw poking through top of a cup
  30. Slam dunking an indoor backetball hoop
  31. Using the printer label machine – pressing the button to cut the tape
  32. Closing the pain tin lid
  33. Plunger on a table/bench
  34. Clicking a pen
  35. Throwing a ball against a wall
  36. Emptying a water drinking fountain – the empty container on the ground
  37. Old style pricing gun
  38. Automatic Tennis Ball
  39. Squeezing a plastic drink bottle
  40. Plastic door stopper
  41. The bonnet of a car opening
  42. Pulling a cork out of a bottle
  43. Opening/closing glass doors
  44. Magnetic door stop
  45. Throwing Dart at Dart Board 
  46. The popping Bubble for
  47. Trouble Board Game
  48. Automatic Car door clicker remote
  49. Wheely bin lid flicking up
  50. Turning on the button of a pedastool fan
  51. Using a franking machine to put a stamp on
  52. Fire door on a stairwell – pushing down the bar
  53. Using a push down vegetable cutter
  54. Post office box – pulling the lever
  55. Metal bin lid opening
  56. The sound of a plunger in a sink
  57. Throwing a knife into a butchers block
  58. Click of a pen on a desk
  59. Popping up toast from a toaster
  60. Slapping hands on esk
  61. Microwave door opening/closing
  62. Plug in sink
  63. Sandwich toaster closing and opening
  64. Jumping on a pogo stick
  65. Opening/closing a pool fence
  66. Desk stamp
  67. Nail gun
  68. Stapling something down on a desk
  69. Sink plug – metal push down
  70. Barrel Bolt
  71. Taking the lid off a jam jar
  72. A bulldog clip (paper)
  73. Putting a cordless iron on the base
  74. Eyelet into a piece of canvas material
  75. Rebound of a squash ball
  76. Toilet Lid Shutting
  77. Releasing a ten pin bowling ball
  78. Pushing down to release water in the bathroom basin
  79. A drip of water from a tap in the laundry hitting the metal tub
  80. Carpet layers Tool
  81. Weights being dropped at the Gym
  82. Bank date stamp
  83. Large drop of water from a height into a bucket
  84. Letter going through a franking machine, being stamped
  85. Umbrella opening
  86. Push button to open the petrol flap on your car
  87. Closing the lid on a washing machine
  88. Car door locking
  89. Pressing the button to cross the road
  90. Closing a car door
  91. Dropping something into a wheelie bin
  92. Turning a switch off a kitchen water jug
  93. A disposable cup from a drink dispenser
  94. Push down rubber stamp address box
  95. Popping the top off a pretzels container
  96. Tennis Ball hitting the tennis racquet
  97. Popping the sun visor off the clip in the car
  98. Diving board