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Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Who will win the jackpot?

Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound



Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

The catch is... there's only one guess per day! So you better study up and make it count!

To win the cash prize, you just have to get it right! You can also catch up with Bridge & Spida here


  1. Hand held wrist pump exercise device
  2. Ripping a piece of material
  3. Empty plastic bottle getting collapsed
  4. Using a stapler
  5. Pulling a piece of sticky tape off a dispenser
  6. Ripping a wrapper off a band aid
  7. Pulling the cord on a roller blind down
  8. Kookaburra
  9. Striking a match
  10. Doing up a zip tie
  11. Hole punch
  12. Breaking a carrot in half
  13. Ripping a tissue out of a tissue box
  14. White out tape dragging across paper
  15. Dropping bag of rice on a bench
  16. Marble dropping on carpet
  17. Opening an umbrella
  18. Zipping up a bag
  19. Ripping velcro
  20. Bug flying into bug zapper
  21. Taking off board shorts (Velcro)
  22. Shaking a mint packet
  23. Chopping a vegetable
  24. Starting a lighter
  25. Two combs rubbing together
  26. Packet of chips opening
  27. Pressing old fashioned typewriter key
  28. Stepping on a cockroach
  29. Snapping open a Scotch Finger biscuit
  30. Pulling apart Velcro
  31. Using a guillotine
  32. Peeling back a piece of sticky tape
  33. Biting a chip
  34. Squirting a bottle
  35. Breaking uncooked spaghetti in half
  36. Ripping off a band aid
  37. Throwing a piece of paper in the bin
  38. Salt shaker
  39. Incorrect Guesses
  40. Pulling wax off
  41. Shaking an empty plastic bag
  42. Paper guillotine
  43. Hand strengthen things
  44. Pepper grinder
  45. Brushing knots out of hair
  46. Pulling a tape off a dispenser
  47. Opening up the lock on the suitcase
  48. Someone turning a packet of tic tacs over
  49. Pushing down a pen
  50. Toothpick
  51. Doing up a zip tie
  52. Walking in wet thongs
  53. Clicking a pen on or off
  54. Closing the draws
  55. Pulling apart a mandarin
  56. Squeezing a sauce bottle
  57. Twisting up a kids toy
  58. Foot of a sewing machine coming down
  59. Ruler smacking down on the desk
  60. Zipping up a purse
  61. Pulling a ziplock bag apart
  62. Putting a pencil in a pencil sharpener
  63. Ripping apart a sticky note
  64. Pulling a tissue out of a box
  65. Pulling a safety pin from a fire extinguisher
  66. Breaking a kit kat in half
  67. Tictac box
  68. Pressing down on a stamp
  69. Cracking lid on soft drink bottle
  70. Taking a cap off a USB
  71. Cutting a piece of celery
  72. Chopping herbs
  73. Dropping pens
  74. Holepunch
  75. Iphone into a bowl of rice
  76. Zipping up a pencil case
  77. Tally counter
  78. Knife scraping against a chopping board